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Hui Bai Chuan Garment machinery equipment co.,LTD
Contact person: Mr. Yang
Mobile phone: 13926819794
Q Q:814532112
Address:No 20,Guan Long Road,Xihu 
District,Shilong Town,Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province,China
        Hui Bai Chuan Garment machinery equipment co.,LTD was established in 2000, sales of new and old ironing equipment, has the abundant professional ironing technology, and good after sale service, sale LIYANG series, and the whole suit clamping machine, fusing machine, pumping wet bed, reverse the machine, fold in Taiwan, Taiwan, fir decontamination portrait machine, trousers like machine, dry cleaning machine, shrinking setting machine, electronic oven, diesel stove, needle machine, suction machine thread, cloth inspecting machine, iron, ironing engineering installation, repair, build various types of hot plain machine belt, made of non conventional size ironing equipment, to meet the different requirements.
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联系人: 杨先生     电话:0769-86115220    手机: 13926819794   Q Q:814532112
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